New York City has more than 50 Greenmarkets.  Some operate year-round and others only during the summer and early fall when the local produce is at its most plentiful.  Not all of the Greenmarkets are large but each has a selection of fruits, vegetables and other foods produced by farmers in the areas around the city.

To find a Greenmarket, go to the GrowNYC website where there is lots of information about locations, days of operation, and the farmers bringing their wares to sell.

You have to be a farmer or producer to sell at the NYC Greenmarkets -- no middlemen or distributors.

Our Greenmarkets can be the best source for organic and small-farm-produced ingredients and the freshest foods we can find, including eggs, poultry, and produce that has a short growing season, such as spring ramps.  Support your local Greenmarket and everyone wins. 

Different markets operate different days of the week, with some producers making the rounds of different markets around the city.  If you find a favorite you can ask where they'll be depending on the day of the week and the neighborhood. 

Many of the markets accept EBT/Food Stamps, debit cards, and senior coupons.  Check with the on-site Greenmarket representative who is present at every market.  Try to bring cash because only a few of the individual farmers have the ability to accept credit cards and even fewer will accept checks.



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