International Meat Market


International Meat Market

36-12 30th Avenue
at 37th St.

P: 718.626.6656

Located on Astoria's busy 30th Avenue, this shop combines the skill of an old-fashioned butcher shop with a large selection of the best available, top quality meats and poultry. These are real butchers who know how to treat a gorgeous piece of veal.

What's great:

It would be hard to find more beautiful cuts of pork, veal or beef anywhere in the city. There is a large selection and pieces are cut to order by expert butchers. They make their own sausage and also sell top quality poultry and game. They sell a few grocery items, mostly top quality imported products like olive oil and spices. Very good prices, especially considering the quality of the meats sold here.

What to know:

While on busy days you have to take a number, the shop is friendly and attentive to all its customers, providing neighborly service, often on a first-name basis.  Sometimes there are whole animals hung in the window.



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