Korin Japanese Trading Corp.


Korin Japanese Trading Corp.

57 Warren St.
between Church St./West Bdwy

P: 212.587.7021

A small shop in TriBeCa that specializes in high end Japanese knives, other cutlery, dishes, cutting boards, and cookware, plus they do knife sharpening.

What's great:

They have a huge selection of handmade knives and other cutlery.  The store has a big display that shows how their knives are made and there is also an elaborate sharpening facility open to view by customers.  While the knives are the major focus of the shop, they also have a lovely selection of porcelain and china dishware and serving pieces, tabletop accessories, tea services, sake cups, giftware and all the tools needed to make Japanese cuisine.

What to know:

The showroom is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday and closed Thursday, Friday and Sunday. 

They also sell their products and take reservations for knife sharpening at their website. 

Their knife sharpening and repair services specialize in the repair and sharpening of Japanese knives, taking note of such details as whether the knife's user is left or right-handed.




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