Kosher Marketplace, The

Kosher Marketplace, The

Kosher Marketplace, The

Upper West Side
2444 Broadway
between W. 90th/91st Streets

P: 212.580.6378

A full-service kosher market prized for its excellent butcher, rotisserie chickens, fresh fish and a full selection of grocery, bakery and prepared foods.

What's great:

They sell Wagyu kosher beef, have regular "Meshugenah specials," and are famed for their conventional or organic rotisserie chickens.

What to know:

They're closed on Saturday but open on Sunday.  They deliver throughout the city (delivery charges vary; check their web site or call for specific prices).  They're open until 9:45 pm on Monday through Thursdays and close early on Fridays.

Always order early for the holidays.



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