Kossar's Bialys


Kossar's Bialys

Lower East Side
367 Grand St.
between Essex/Norfolk Sts.

P: 212.473.4810

A lower east side kosher bakery that makes bialys, bagels, pletzels, and bulkas.  They call themselves the oldest bialy bakery in the U.S. and why would we doubt that this is true.  Many also say they're the best.

There are two primary differences between a bagel and a bialy.  One, a bialy is made with only 4 ingredients -- flour, water, salt and yeast -- whereas a bagel has a little sugar and malt in its dough which unlike a bialy, has to rest before it's cooked.  And two, a bagel is boiled before it's baked whereas a bialy is just baked.

What's great:
No fancy flavors but all the traditional ones like onion, garlic and poppy seed.

What to know:
Many of their products are sold at Fairway and Barney Greengrass.  On Sunday mornings the Lower East Store is very busy.



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