La Guli


La Guli

29-15 Ditmars Blvd.
between 29th/31st Sts.

P: 718.728.5612

La Guli is a family-run Italian bakery, café and gelati shop.  In Astoria since 1937, the wood-paneled shop remains authentically Italian and produces excellent quality bread, pastry, and other sweets.

What's great:

More than 30 kinds of cookies and biscotti, plus more that are sugar-free.  Other baked goods include cakes, bread, cannoli, chiacchere, and tarts.  Like bakeries do in Italy, La Guli also sells chocolates (here they're Perugina), as well as ice cream cakes, and gelati and Italian ices.

What to know:

There are a few tables in the shop so you can have a snack while you order more to take home.  If you order an iced tea they'll ask if you want a scoop of lemon ice in it.  Say yes and you will be so glad you did.




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