La Guli


La Guli

29-15 Ditmars Blvd.
between 29th/31st Sts.

P: 718.728.5612

La Guli is a family-run Italian bakery, café and gelati shop.  In Astoria since 1937, the wood-paneled shop remains authentically Italian and produces excellent quality bread, pastry, and other sweets.

What's great:

More than 30 kinds of cookies and biscotti, plus more that are sugar-free.  Other baked goods include cakes, bread, cannoli, chiacchere, and tarts.  Like a bakery anywhere in Italy, La Guli also sells chocolates (here they're Perugina), ice cream cakes, and gelati and Italian ices.

What to know:

There are a few tables in the shop so you can have a snack while you order more to take home.  If you order an iced tea they'll ask if you want a scoop of lemon ice in it.  Say yes and you will be so glad you did.




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