Li-Lac Chocolates


Li-Lac Chocolates

West Village
75 Greenwich Avenue
at W. 11th St.

P: 347.609.0942

Greenwich Village
162 Bleecker St.
between Sullivan/Thompson Sts.

P: 347.609.0941

Grand Central Market
Lexington Ave. at E. 43rd St.

P: 347.491.4977

Industry City
68 35th St.
between 2nd/3rd Aves.

P: 212.924.2280

Chelsea Market
75 9th Avenue
In Chelsea Market

P: 347.991.8878

Hudson Yards
500 W. 33rd St., 4th floor

P: 347.493.0030

While others may praise some artisanal new-comers to New York's chocolate hall of fame, Li-Lac is my absolute favorite NYC chocolate maker.  They still use old-fashioned hand-dipping methods and keep traditional flavors in their collection.  Like hand-made peppermint patties, fudge, chocolate covered caramels, and my favorite, the bittersweet chocolate-covered orange peels.

What's great:

It's fine to lust for imported champagne truffles, but I consider Li-Lac to be the center of the candy universe.  It's worth a journey to buy your holiday candy here or even for just a treat.  At Easter they sell artisanal pectin jelly beans that will put you off Jelly Babies forever -- they actually have flavor in addition to being sweet.  The store's packaging can be quaint but in a way that's charming and fun.  Prices aren't stratospheric, making it easy to expand your selections (and waistlines). 

The store was founded in 1923.

What to know:

From their original store on Bleecker Street, Li-Lac now has six shops, including one in Brooklyn in Industry City where their factory is located.

What's great:

They ship nationwide, including not only many of the items sold in their stores but also custom items that make great corporate gifts, wedding favors, and other unique chocolate items.

Their stores during the year-end holiday season are simply celebratory and inspiring.




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