Lobster Place, The


Lobster Place, The

75 Ninth Ave.
Chelsea Market
at W. 15th St.

P: 212.255.5672

West Village
252 Bleecker St.
between 6th/7th Aves.

P: 212.352.8063

The Lobster Place claims to sell nearly 1 million pounds of lobster per year.  There's no reason to doubt this is true.  But we love them even more for their first class quality fish and competitive prices. 

What's great:
Sparklingly fresh fish and seafood.  Sushi and seafood platters.  Whole fish cut to your specifications or already in fillets and steaks.  Hard-to-find items like smoked bluefish and bottarga.  And everything that you'd need to cook and serve seafood including fish poachers, boxes of tempura mix, and seasonings and fresh sauces.

What to know:
If you don't want your apartment to smell like a clambake, the store will steam your lobsters for you.  And for a party, you can have them provide a full-service raw bar, complete with a professional shucker.

In addition to sushi they have pre-made salads and other to-go foods -- including cooked lobsters -- that can be eaten at one of the café tables in the Chelsea Market corridor.



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