Manhattan Fruit Exchange


Manhattan Fruit Exchange

Chelsea Market, Lower Level
75 Ninth Ave.
between W.15th/16th Sts.

P: 212.989.2444

A large, busy, high quality produce store in the Chelsea Market. Excellent prices.

What's great:
They offer a very large and diverse selection of conventional and organic fruits and vegetables.  This is a place to find a large variety of mushrooms, fresh herbs, tropical fruits, salad greens, and whatever is in season.  The store also has a well edited selection of grocery items, including many dried fruits, grains and nuts. 

What to know:
These folks are also wholesalers so their retail prices are excellent.  New York is not always a good place to buy hot peppers but this store has a large selection that's well labeled (a good thing since there's potential danger if you confuse a jalapeno with a habanero). 



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