Morscher's Pork Store


Morscher's Pork Store

58-44 Catalpa Avenue

P: 718.821.1040

Morscher's Pork Store was opened in 1957 by Joseph Morscher, a German immigrant from Gottschee, a German enclave in Slovenia.  The shop is distinguished by its outstanding smoked pork products, produced in its own smokehouse.

One of New York's best food merchants.

What's great

Excellent smoked bacon, pork ribs, ham hocks, pork chops, and more.  Their deli and wurst selections are huge and diverse, with kielbasa, weisswurst, krainerwurst, schinkenwurst, franks, knockwurst, liverwurst, salami, head cheese, and other products either house made or meticulously imported.

What to know:

There is an on-site butcher who specializes in fresh pork and beef and they have a generous grocery selection with imported mustards, jams and jellies, soups and sauces, noodles, and sweets.  They're closed on Sundays.  Credit and debit cards are welcomed.




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