One Girl Cookies


One Girl Cookies

Cobble Hill
68 Dean St.
Between Brooklyn Bridge Blvd./Smith St.

P: 212.675.4996

33 Main Street
At the corner of Water St.

P: 212.675.4996

Industry City
The Food Hall
254 36th Street
Between 2nd/3rd Avenues

P: 212.675.4996

A charming and delicious mini-chain of three bakeries that specializes in cookies, especially traditional recipes like jam-filled butter cookies and whoopie pies. Before she started making cookies, the owner and founder, Dawn, got her design and merchandising training at Barneys (may it rest in peace) and in the best sense, it shows.   Her husband, a pastry chef and baker, works with her in the business, adding to the charm of this really special bakery shop.

What's great:

Perfect, tender butter cookies layered with mocha cream, chocolate or pumpkin spice whoopie pies with cream cheese filling, and nut-dusted butter cookies filled with apricot jam.  The shops are kid-friendly and there are places where you can have a coffee or tea along with your cookies, but remember to also take some home for later. 

What to know:

The founder first got her reputation making cookies for weddings and corporate parties.  There's a lovely series of family references throughout the bakery, with cookies named after relatives, and old photos decorating the shop's walls as well as the web site. 

The hours of operation vary with location so check on their website for the details.



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