Paramount Caviar


Paramount Caviar

Long Island City
38-15 24th St.
between 38th/39th Aves.

P: 718.786.7747

Major caviar merchant located in Long Island City that sells to restaurants, grocers and merchants, and also direct to consumers. There's no retail store, per se, but if you call ahead they will happily take your order and have it ready for your pick-up at their showroom.

They also offer a large selection caviar, smoked fish, truffle products, bottarga, and other luxury food items on their website and they ship nationwide.

What's great:

The selection and prices are excellent. You can buy from their LIC showroom but they'll also deliver if you order by phone or from their terrific web site.

What to know:

They sell American caviar, fois gras and patés, truffles, smoked fish, plus serving accessories for nearly everything they sell.



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