Park East Kosher


Park East Kosher

Upper East Side
1623 Second Ave.
between E. 84th/85th Sts.

P: 212.737.9800

Kosher butcher and grocery with prime meats, poultry, game, fresh fish, fresh bread and desserts, prepared foods, and grocery items.  Very large selection and excellent customer service.

What's great:
Excellent butcher with a large selection of prime meats and poultry.  The store also sells Empire meat and poultry already packaged.  Large grocery selection of Kosher food products, including several bakery brands so there's a big choice of cakes, cookies and fruit desserts.  The store also sells cheese and fresh fish.

What to avoid:
The store on Fridays when they close at 2:00 pm.

What to know:
They sell a large selection of cooked and prepared foods, both meats and vegetables and salads.  They're closed on Saturday and they close early on Fridays.



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