Pickle Guys, The


Pickle Guys, The

Lower East Side
357 Grand Street
between Grand/Hester Sts.

P: 212.656.9739

The kind of merchant only found in New York, The Pickle Guys are enthusiasts and experts in anything that's in a brine.  The shop is open to the sidewalk, with a ramp for moving barrels of pickles in and out of the small store.  There's a pungent and tempting vinegar smell as you approach the door, getting you ready for what's for sale.

What's great: 

Dozens of pickles, including sours, 1/2 sours, 3/4 sours, ones in horseradish and others that are sweet.  Things that are traditionally pickled, like olives, mushrooms, celery, krauts and carrots.  Things that are hot, like jalapeno, cherry, and other peppers.  And herrings -- pickled, creamed, schtiglitz, matjash and more.  

What to avoid:

They're closed on Saturday.

What to know:

They take all credit cards and ship nationwide so if you have a friend who used to live in NYC and is missing some of our flavor, it's easy to send a gift.  The folks who run this store are former employees of the legendary Guss' Pickles.  The spicy sour pickle has a huge personality, making it a great choice to cut into thin slices and add to sandwiches. 



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