Sable's Smoked Fish


Sable's Smoked Fish

Upper East Side
1489 2nd Avenue
between E.77th/78th Sts.

P: 212.249.6177

Brothers Danny and Kenny Sze have owned and operated Sable's Smoked Fish for over three decades and the wall of photographs of customers, both anonymous and famous, neighborhood regulars and strangers, are testimony to how popular this tiny shop is.

What's great:

Smoked sable, belly lox, chub, and salmons from around the world are its specialties but the store also has picked lox, herring and caviar, both imported and American.  They also have an excellent selection of canned tuna, salmon and sardines. 

What to know:

They make excellent sandwiches and prepared foods like borscht for take-out, they have a catering business, and they deliver in Manhattan from Sutton Place to East 96th Street and ship all over the U.S.



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