Brooklyn Heights
187 Atlantic Ave.
between Clinton/Court Sts.

P: 718.624.4550

A Middle-Eastern market selling a large and diverse selection of cheeses, dried fruits and nuts, bread, spices, legumes, sweets and delicacies and grocery items.

What's great: 

The selection of ingredients and delicacies is superb and the prices are excellent.  This is a place to really explore the differences in feta cheeses, stock up on spices and nuts, and taste the freshest pita breads.  Also great to buy here:  olives, olive oil, dried beans, grains and rice, and coffee and tea. 

What to avoid: 

It can be a challenge to shop on Saturdays when all the weekend shoppers are there because the store is closed on Sundays. 

What to know: 

Be prepared to carry home more than you thought you'd buy because this is the kind of place you go off the shopping list.  Since the store is also a wholesaler, the prices are excellent, plus you can buy in large quantities, making the trip to Atlantic Avenue really worth it.




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