Savino's Quality Pasta

Savino's Quality Pasta

Savino's Quality Pasta

111 Conselyea St.
between Leonard St./Manhattan Ave.

P: 718.388.2038

Several generations of the Savino family take proud and delicious care of this pasta producer and merchant. Visit this small shop located in a residential neighborhood and you'll meet nonna with her grandson and the rest of the family who will happily take you through their large selection of beautifully made and flavorful pasta products.

What's great:

Filled pastas including ravioli and manicotti, plus fresh pastas cut to order.  Fillings include classic cheese, plus broccoli rabe, artichoke, roasted pepper, dried tomato, porcini mushroom, and various seafood including crab, lobster and shrimp.  There are also seasonal favorites like pumpkin ravioli. 

They also make and sell their own sauces and pestos.

What to know:

In addition to fresh and dry pasta, their store sells a small selection of Italian grocery items, including guanciale.



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