Saxelby Cheesemongers


Saxelby Cheesemongers

Lower East Side
Essex Street Market
at Delancey/Essex Sts.

P: 212.228.8204

A cheese monger that specializes in American artisanal cheeses. Cheese monger Anne Saxelby has a passion for what she does and her blog (find it on the shop's web site) makes the case, as if she needs to. The shop and the beautiful cheeses she sells is proof enough.

What's great:

A perfectly kept and edited selection of American farmstead cheeses, such as Lively Run Dairy goat milk feta and Taylor Farm Maple Smoked gouda.  They receive a weekly delivery of goat milk on Mondays.  Their fresh mozzarella is made by Alleva.  And their soft and buttery cheese curds, made from cow's milk, are loved by both small children and their parents.

What to know:

Besides cheese, they sell eggs from upstate NY farms and unsalted farmstead butter.  If you have a craving for a sandwich, they'll let you choose your cheese and pair it with bread from Sullivan Street Bakery, a combination that really doesn't get any better.



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