Schaller & Weber


Schaller & Weber

Upper East Side
1654 Second Ave.
between E. 85th/86th Sts.

P: 212.879.3047

A New York treasure since 1937, this upper east side shop is the retail store for a company that makes sausages and processed meats and imports all types of German food products.  The company sells its meats, cold cuts, cooked and smoked products and many other products directly to restaurants and large and small grocery markets, including Zabar's.  But the best selection is here at the mother ship.

What's great:

While the store has a large and outstanding butcher counter, it is famous for its bacon, westphalian ham, braunschweiger (liver sausage), liverwursts, cervelats, pastrami, brisket, black forest ham and other cold cuts and smoked meats.  They have a huge selection of German and central European grocery items including jams and preserves, cookies, chocolates (including Mozart chocolates from Vienna), fruit juice, canned soups, and jars of vegetables including cabbages and sauerkraut.  There's also a selection of imported cheeses, refrigerated items like herrings, and frozen foods such as frozen potato pancakes.

What to know:

The store sells prepared foods like sauerbraten, cooked pork belly and stuffed cabbage that may make you miss the German grandmother you never had.

No delivery service from the store.

They are closed on Sunday.



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