Sea Breeze Fish Market


Sea Breeze Fish Market

541 Ninth Ave.
at W. 40th St.

P: 212.563.7537

This long-time seafood market located in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood that was once one of the city's best fish mongers, has changed its approach and offerings.  While it still has a solid selection, especially of whole fish and less costly varieties like cod, unfortunately it is now a more modest version of what they used to be, I guess as another sign that things in New York never stay still.

What's great:
Their prices are still good, as is their selection of whole fish which you can have cleaned and filleted while you wait. The shop has a fresh, briny smell and water on the floor with no glass walls separating you from the fish, making it easy to make a selection.

What to avoid:
Be careful not to slip on that wet floor.




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