Sea Breeze Fish Market


Sea Breeze Fish Market

541 Ninth Ave.
at W. 40th St.

P: 212.563.7537

This long-time seafood market located in the Ninth Avenue food neighborhood offers a huge selection, impeccable quality, and great prices.  The kind of place that makes you feel lucky to be a home cook in New York City.

What's great:
The selection is as good as at the better known Manhattan fish mongers with prices that are very reasonable, at times bargains.  The shop has a fresh, briny smell and water on the floor with no glass walls separating you from the fish you select.  All types of shellfish and fish in season, including special items like fresh Maine shrimp in late winter, well-priced luxury items like jumbo crab, and oily, rich blue fish for $1.99/pound.

What to avoid:
With the exception of slipping on the wet floor, not much.

What to know:
The shop's been in business for three generations and if you're lucky, you'll get to have your order wrapped in paper as the fish monger sends you to the cashier with a yell of "coming down!"   



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