Simchick, L.


Simchick, L.

Sutton Place
988 First Ave.
at E. 54th St.

P: 212.888.2299

L. Simchick has served its Sutton Place neighborhood for more than two decades.  They are among the city's best butchers, distinguished by their commitment to quality meats and poultry, impressive butcher skills, and remarkable customer service.

It's a small shop with a traditional approach: the glass case and counter show only a portion of their meats and poultry, with more kept in a large chilled room in the back of the store.  Tell them what you want and how you plan to cook it, and they will get you a perfectly chosen, perfectly butchered result.  And if you're not certain how to cook something, they can help you with that, too. 

What's great:

They work with top producers to make sure they offer the best possible quality (the veal chops are so gorgeous you could weep).  Every piece is cut to order.  They know that many city households are small so they routinely offer smaller roasts so that you're not stuck with 6 pounds of leftovers.  The service is so exemplary that they'll take your home-cooked stuffing and put it into your veal roast and tie it properly. 

Their Mediterranean burgers, made from a combination of veal, lamb and spices, are a triumph.  Also wonderful are their seasoned leg of lamb, ready to put in your oven or on a grill at a friend's summer house, or their marinated hanger steak which is full of flavor at a value price. 

What to know:

They deliver (usually by bicycle) on the East Side from 34th to 79th Streets, but if your order is large enough, they may go off course so ask.  They take credit cards and phone orders.  They sell Bell & Evans chickens, Knoll Krest Farm Fresh Eggs, and their own store-cooked sides including creamed spinach, gumbo and meatballs in sauce.



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