Stanley's Pierogi


Stanley's Pierogi

54-01 Metropolitan Avenue

P: 718.821.3147

Pierogi needs no "s" as pierogi is plural in Polish -- the name for the traditional, pillowy filled dumplings loved by Eastern Europeans and those who, at dinner time, want to be.  This shop, located on a rather inconvenient stretch of Metropolitan Avenue in Queens, makes gastronomical specialization an art.

What's Great:

Fillings include the usual potato, potato and cheese, cabbage, mushroom, and minced meat, plus kasha, blueberries, beets, and combinations like kasha and bacon.

What to Know

Most of what they sell is frozen so bring a chill pack and stock up.  Sold in packages of 12 pierogies and prices may vary with the filling.  They're closed on Sundays and last I checked, only take cash.  No credit or debit cards.

The nearest subway stop is Forest Avenue on the M line from which you can take the Q39 bus ten blocks to Metropolitan Avenue.  Walk four blocks from there.



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