Staubitz Market

Staubitz Market

Staubitz Market

Cobble Hill
222 Court St.
between Baltic/Warren Sts.

P: 718.624.0014

A popular and beloved butcher that has been putting meat on Brooklyn dinner tables since 1917. Highly skilled butchers, excellent quality meats and poultry, sawdust on the floor.

What's great:
All types of prime beef, lamb and pork cut any way you like. Game (both poultry and meats), organic poultry, and salami and cured hams (both domestic and imported). This is the place to buy a special leg of lamb or a crown roast of pork because you can be sure the meat will be excellent plus the butchers can coach you on how to cook it.

What to know:
They sell caviar and fois gras and also have a tempting selection of specialty sausages -- chorizo, andouille, English bangers and others.



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