The Meadow


The Meadow

240 Mulberry Street
between Prince & Spring

P: 212.645.4633

Specialists in salt, chocolate, bitters and flowers that originally opened in Portland, Oregon, and expanded to New York and Tokyo.  Their NYC store is on Mulberry Street in SoHo.

What's great:

These folks have focus and deep, knowledge-based selections of only certain ingredients -- salt, chocolate, bitters and flowers. They sell salt samplers, Himalayan salt blocks, and salt and pepper mills.  Chocolates are organized by type or manufacturer.  And they what may be the largets selection of bitters available anywhere.

Their dark chocolate Saragun Sun Drops, filled with sunflower seed butter and raw blackberry honey, can make you weep for their perfect flavor and texture.  You'll never be able to eat a Reese's peanut butter cup again!

What to know:

One of The Meadow's founders is Mark Bitterman who is the author of Salted: A Manifesto on The World's Most Essential Mineral with Recipes. Nearly everything sold in their shops is also available from their website.



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