Titan Foods


Titan Foods

25-56 31st St.
at 25th Ave.

P: 718.626.7771

Easy to spot by the twin flag poles on the outside of the store waving American and Greek flags, Titan is a full-service grocery market in Astoria that specializes in Greek foods.  They claim to be the largest of its kind ind the country.

What's great:

Large selection of feta cheeses (ask to taste first), an in-store bakery with cookies and traditional Greek sweets, extensive selection of juices and olive oils, traditional Greek spreads like taramosalata and tzatziki, and canned specialties like octopus, smoked trout, anchovies and mackerel. More than 25 kinds of olives.

The store has its own small parking lot.

What to know:

They have a web site that sells a large selection of products online.



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