West Side Market


West Side Market

Morningside Heights
2840 Broadway
at 110th St.

P: 212.222.3367

Upper West Side
2589 Broadway
between 97th and 98th Streets

P: 212.316.0222

77 7th Avenue
between 14th and 15th Street

P: 212.807.7771

East Village
84 Third Ave.
at 12th St.

P: 212.258.8400

Upper East Side
180 Third Ave.
between E. 16/17th Sts.

P: 212.254.0017

Upper East Side
1407 Lexington Ave.
at E. 92nd St.

170 W. 23rd St.
at 7th Ave.

West Side Market is a family owned-and-operated chain of grocery markets that opened its first store in 1965. It began on Manhattan's west side but now has seven locations throughout the borough, with stores as far south as East 12th Street and as far north as West 110th.

Several locations are open 24/7; check their website for hours.

What to know

All the stores have a full grocery selection, a large produce department with both conventional and organic fruits and vegetables, fresh fish cut to order, and meats and poultry including Murray's and Bell & Evans chickens and sausages from Esposito's (which in my opinion makes the best Italian sausages in the city). There are also kosher meat and poultry and grocery items.

There's always a large dairy department, cheese and charcuterie, and fresh bakery items, both breads and sweets.  Prices are generally competitive with both Fairway and Whole Foods, but for some things, they're higher so be aware.  But they also routinely put things on sale, including basics like DeCecco pasta or Hellman's mayonnaise.

You can order your groceries online and they deliver.  See their website and app for more information.

What's great: 

In addition to its grocery products, the stores have excellent prepared foods and sandwiches made to order, plus sushi chefs making fresh sushi all day.  They also have a big selection of snacks and hors d'oeuvres that can be reheated for easy entertaining.

The family matriarch, Maria Zoitas, is in charge of the kitchens, including all the prepared foods.  She shares some of her recipes at the store's website and has published a cookbook.



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