Asian Cole Slaw Dressing

Asian Cole Slaw Dressing

This recipe is adapted from one in Fish Without A Doubt, the wonderful cookbook by Rick Moonen and Roy Finnamore.  Made with a light, tasteless vegetable oil like canola, robustly flavored with salty fish sauce and tangy lime, and given some heat with garlic and chile peppers, this dressing is a very appealing and clear alternative to mayonnaise-based ones for dressing cabbage slaw.  

Its bright flavor makes it a perfect companion to any seafood or poultry.  If you buy a bag of pre-cut green cabbage and carrot slaw mix, such as Dole's Classic Cole Slaw, the effort is reduced to nearly zero.  This dressing also partners well as a dressing for winter salad greens like escarole or hearts of romaine lettuce.

However you use this salad dressing, remember to dress your salad soon before you plan to serve it.  Otherwise the amount of salt in the fish sauce can cause your slaw to go premature limp.

Makes about 1 1/4 cups of dressing which will dress three 14 oz. bags of Dole's Classic Cole Slaw (about 4 servings).  Keep stored covered and refrigerated for about two weeks, and stir or shake well just before using.



  1. Combine all the ingredients in a jar that has a cover. Shake well to combine.




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